The Bitcoin Dad Pod came from my desire to share my bitcoin journey with my friends, family, and one day my children. Bitcoin is a powerful technology that is the solution to the economic and political failures of late stage capitalism, the petrodollar system, crony capitalism, authoritarianism, and a geriatric political class. If that sounds interesting, or unlikely, or you disagree, please read on, learn more, and participate.

But learning about bitcoin is still relatively difficult, since it’s a hybrid phenomenon that somehow strikes an almost perfect understanding of economics, software, distributed systems, and game theory. It is so easy to almost understand bitcoin and gain no benefit from it, that I thought it would be helpful to share my journey. I wish my dad had been in to bitcoin so he could explain it to me, but instead I helped him start his bitcoin journey. So if you don’t already have a ‘bitcoin dad,’ please feel free to treat me as your bitcoin dad, if you like, and I’ll try to be helpful to you on your journey.

Also my co-host, Chris from Jupiter Broadcasting and current creator of five weekly podcasts, is another dad and an early bitcoiner. So our weekly show is almost conversations we’d have on our own time, but with more structure to accomodate new bitcoiners who might have questions or need help finding resources for the context around contemporary bitcoin topics.